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A real  skin mount has seams on the legs and stomach where the elephant was skinned in the field.  These seams will continually crack and open up needing constant repair, along with the natural cracking in the hide.


- KR reproductions - There are no leg cuts, belly cuts or seams that would present a problem.

- KR reproductions are warranted for 15 years against cracking or defects caused by the Manufacturer ( Interior application only )

Real Skin Mount - Deep wrinkles put in during the taxidermy process tend to pull out and shrink causing the skin to drum or sag.

- KR reproductions - Deep wrinkles in the “skin� will stay in and never drum or sag.

Real Skin Mount - the finished mount weighs about 3-4 times more than our reproduction.


-  KR reproductions - Light weight and easy to move.

Real Skin Mount - cannot be sold to anyone in many cases due to protection acts and cannot be shipped out of the United States


- KR reproductions - can be sold anywhere in the world with no animal import restrictions.

Real Lifesize Elephant Skin Mount (Example) � Taxidermy priced from $89,000 - $120,000.00 (Does not include Base or Habitat)


- KR Lifesize Elephant � MSRP starting at $79,995.00 which includes shipping and on site set up ( Does not include Base or Habitat )

Custom - Custom - Custom
Kingdom Reproductions offers many unique and custom ways to closely match our reproductions to your original animal.  For instance, we offer custom shaping and sizing of our rhino horns to best match the length of the horn and its look from your original pictures.  If you have a request or question, please contact us and see if we can help achieve the custom look you want.

What Will You Pass On To Your Future Generations?

An Old Conventional Taxidermy Mount

Ok, so we found a mount from the early 1900’s to compare to our reproduction... But really, thats exactly the point. As time passes, conventional taxidermy mounts (especially those of Rhinos, Hippos, Elephants, etc..) tend to crack and split apart, causing seams to show. Also, wrinkles put into the skin by the taxidermist slowly start to fall out, leaving a flat and lifeless appearance. If your looking to pass along and preserve your experiences for generations to come, purchase a Genuine KR reproduction and stop time from fading your memories to and old and cracked up mount your no longer proud to share with your friends and family.




State of the art Kingdom Reproduction